“Tommy’s got this enthusiasm for voice over work that just shines through and it’s completely infectious.bThe whole atmosphere of the workshop was brilliant. Tommy has a rare ability to give you confidence while at the same time being totally honest about what you’re doing.  We are so lucky to have this facility in Dublin.”

Hugh Barford

“This course is an absolute must if you are serious about becoming a top class voiceover artist. The depth  of experience and professionalism Tommy Ellis and the Velvet Voice crew bring to their voiceover workshops is, in my estimation, second to none.”

Bill Murphy

“Since [Velvet Voice’s coaching] I have worked for the likes of 02, Playstation and Marathon Sports. I wouldn’t have gotten those gigs or had the skills to do them with out Tommy’s coaching. I can not recommend his courses highly enough.”

Glen Barry

“This was my first attempt at practising voice over work for ads and it was a great experience. I had the opportunity to work on the microphone is a safe, non-threatening environment. I look forward to doing more workshops in the near future.”

Fiachra Ó Dubhghaill

If you are interested in our Services contact us on 087 666 0625 or send us mail.

“In just a few short hours my ability improved considerably. Tommy’s insightful coaching method dealt not simply with vocal technique but also with the practicalities of working in the industry. Many thanks for an enjoyable and insightful weekend course—for highlighting my weak points and your guidance on overcoming them; for addressing my strong points and your advice on developing them. In just a few short hours my ability improved considerably.”

Dermot Corrigan

“I have found the sessions to be extremely helpful and informative. I came out having gotten my first voice over job for an ad! That job paid for my training—evidence that it was well worth it.”

Fiachra Ó Dubhghaill

“The voice coaching workshops run by Velvet Voice provide an invaluable resource to copywriters and advertising agencies”

Alan Byrne (Copywriter, Cawley Nea/TBWA)

“I’ve cast voiceover talent from Velvet Voice workshops for companies like NERA, National Irish Bank, and Champion sports, among others. I know I’m getting someone who is thinking seriously about how they approach work as a voiceover.”

Graham Stewart (Industry copywriter)

“I never anticipated a job so soon, but that’s exactly what happened. Many thanks for providing a means through which to break into a competitive and difficult market and giving me the skills necessary to do so.”

Siobhán Donnellan

“I took part in a Sunday workshop with Velvet Voice, and by Tuesday I had been booked for a voice over job, which was very lucrative. I feel confident going into a professional job having completed Velvet Voice training.”


“Velvet Voice workshops are a great way to assess whether this is an area you can see yourself pursuing. There is an excellent support system to help get you there.”

Lorna Quinn

“Thanks to your coaching, I was able to get the best out of my voice and give the clients exactly what they needed.”

Una Mac Nulty

“[Workshops are] well run, informative and a good laugh.”

Frank O’Beirne

“The workshop was really worthwhile and a real eye-opener for me!”

Niamh Tiernan

“I wanted to further my VO skills and all my VO friends suggested Velvet Voice. Tommy was professional and very honest in his delivery and explanations of my pros & cons. After one session I’m already hearing and feeling the difference, if you want to move forward in your VO career, get in touch with Tommy, you won’t regret it!”

Adam Waugh

“I attended Tommy’s Voice Assessment Worksop and found it brilliant. Tommy knows his stuff inside out and he immediately began to explain what I needed to do vocally (my Rs and Th’ are poor) to deliver a good voice over. He also pointed out my strengths. I now have a program to work on and more sessions with Tommy to perfect my technique.it has helped me greatly as an actor and who knows it may launch me on a new career path. Highly recommended!”

Kevin FlanaganJournalist, writer and actor

“My voice assessment with Tommy Ellis at Velvet Voice could not have gone better. I was given the confidence I needed to know that with some studying and tweaking I have a shot at becoming a professional. Tommy was very specific and clear with his direction when I was in the booth. Because of his clear direction, I was able to focus on what I needed to fix, relax, and become comfortable which made my performance better. I would recommend Velvet Voice to anyone who is ready to take voice overs seriously and get professional feedback on how to become competitive in this wonderfully fun field.”

Kendal Kennedy