Thank you for being here

As you read through these sections please remember, there is relief & there is freedom to be experienced here & now.


Tommy Ellis is my name & this is a simple introduction to the process of our working together.

My system is inherently Clair-Audient.

The term “Clair-Audient” means to hear beyond what is considered normal hearing and listening. To hear beyond what is said.

This faculty is employed in our time together. You explore, I listen. Together, we clean the sound, and allow What You Really Are To Arrive.

It’s a simple process.

The magic starts to happen when the true nature of ‘What’ you are unfolds and becomes clear in our time together.

You will have a visceral experience of your inherent supernatural qualities.


The Symptom

As far back as I can remember, I felt like I was missing something.

I felt quite lost & unsure about this world. It was confusing, and really tricky to be me. The emotions were intolerable & relentless. The concept of a life filled with fun, care, kindness, and peace was like a foreign language.

The Search

I sought every type of spiritual teacher & ingested every type of psychedelic looking for relief from the symptom.

Below is a laundry list of where the seeker in me looked …

25 years of psychotherapy – Holotropic Breathwork – Sweat lodges – Non-Duality – Shamanism – Group Psychotherapy – 108 Ayahuasca journeys – 5,meo DMT experiences – MDMA Sessions – Cacao

It was pretty exhausting.

The Problem

We create our own reality. We are the creator of our experience.

Honestly, it’s not been going all that well for lots of folks.

Most of us thought it was going to be different. And yet, the patterns kept repeating. This truth runs throughout our collective, our society, our culture, our families. If it remains un-investigated, it will continue in exactly the same way it always has.

There is a solution.

However, it’s going to take some deep inner work.

If you want the world to change.

Change yourself first.

The world will follow.

The Solution

On June 27th 2017, everything changed.

From this date, I experienced a process of listening deeply to myself – to What I Am – and stopped believing the Tommy-Personality-Drama. I learned how to regulate myself chemically and emotionally in order to experience real peace on a daily basis.

“In order for you to change, you need to change how you feel.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Your thoughts can create bliss or rage in your body depending on where your attention is. Becoming deeply aware of how your attention impacts your experience is crucial.

I started to employ this wisdom in my work with people, and it’s changed everything.

In our session, we essentially de-cloak your subconscious programming.

This is where the magic begins to unfold for you.

What you are Actually Made Of shows up.

This unfolding is where you begin to have a very different experience of yourself.

The After

The freedom I now experience is unending.

Every day it gets a little lighter. I am in the most fun, loving relationship ever. Rachelle & I have  been all over the world together. The growing & learning & connection we have is a very beautiful experience. Being in this world is a lot easier than it’s ever been. My spiritual explorations are getting really interesting & deepening all the time.

I did not believe I could feel this good, yet here it is.

The Next Logical Step

If you would like to work with me & it feels like the right fit for you, great. If the idea of working with my Claire-Audient ability sounds good, then let’s connect.

If you’d like to know more about working with me & you have some remaining questions, fill out the contact form below & we can set up a complimentary 15 minute Zoom Session or Whats App call.

Connection Points

Before meeting Rachelle, I was a tad serious to be honest. Taking deep dives into the world of therapy & psychedelics & lots of navel gazing for decades. Now as the two of us move as one, it feels lighter, brighter, happier, friendlier & kinder. There is a lot of fun & a lot of laughter. We are not embroiled in drama at any level. We are free.

A lot of my day is orientated around meditation. Meditation has become a very important part of of daily living. It’s what quells the storm. It has helped with literally every aspect of my life.

Rachelle & myself are addicted to BulletProof coffee. I don’t seem to work properly without it. It is a truly awesome substance.

I am very passionate about working with clients in a way that is meaningful & effective. The Claire-Audient skill is a magical way to hear the True Energy of a person. And it’s even more magical when they hear it themselves.

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