We create our own reality.

Honestly, that’s not been going well for a lot of folks.

The Search

Most of us thought it was going to be different — after therapy, psychedelics, energy healing, spiritual awakenings, a lot of meditation. And yet, the patterns kept repeating. This truth runs throughout our collective, our society, our culture, our families. We keep falling into the same traps.

There is a solution.

However, it’s going to take a different kind of inner work.

If you want the world to change.

Change yourself first. 

The world will follow.


Tommy Ellis is my name & this is a simple introduction to the process of our working together.

My system is inherently Clair-Audient.

The term “Clair-Audient” means to hear beyond what is considered normal hearing and listening. To hear beyond what is said.

This faculty is employed in our time together. You explore, I listen. Together, we clean the sound, and allow What You Really Are To Arrive.

It’s a simple process.

The magic starts to happen when the true nature of ‘What’ you are unfolds and becomes clear in our time together.

You will have a visceral experience of your inherent supernatural qualities.


How This Works

If geography allows, we can meet in person, however most of this work happens through zoom sessions : You talk, and I listen — to much more than your words. 

As we explore what’s happening in your life, the space opens up and I hear differently, listening to the sound you’re broadcasting to the world.

Your higher frequency comes through to my system as a sound, and in exploring the sound, the change happens throughout your system in a real, stable, permanent way. 

The pattern that was in place dissolves. 

This may take a single session or several as we purge different stuck energies, but it’s not like spending years in therapy or needing to be ‘tuned up’ with a Reiki session every month. 

What’s keeping you stuck?

Patterns from childhood

Ruminating thoughts

Behaviours no amount of therapy have altered

Beliefs and stories that got stuck in your energetic body

Traumas that continue to echo despite your efforts to process them

Addictions of many types

When your system is unburdened by these patterns, you feel like you’re at home.

In our session, we essentially de-cloak your subconscious programming.

This is where the magic begins to unfold for you.

What you are Actually Made Of shows up.

This unfolding is where you begin to have a very different experience of yourself.

The Solution

I really thought that the 108th ayahuasca journey would be the end of it.

In my own search for relief from unrelenting emotional turmoil and inner drama, I went down many paths — had numerous therapists tell me I’d had enough sessions, I purged all my past lives, and shook many shaman rattles. I literally did all the things.

Holotropic breathwork, sweat lodges, non-duality, shamanism, group work, psychotherapy, Ayahuasca, DMT experiences, MDMA sessions, Cacao ceremonies.

While I found value in these modalities, the same patterns kept repeating.

On June 27, 2017, everything changed.

I experienced a process of listening deeply to myself – to what I am. I was able to turn the clairaudient skill inward and hear something beyond my personal drama.

Through deep listening, I was able to change in a real, permanent way.

What to expect during our session

As a Clairaudient specialist, I often download the key topics and energy that will be explored prior to our meeting — without you telling me. However, it’s always a good idea for you to take 20 minutes prior to our session to tune into the subjects you’d like to discuss.

You explore, I listen. Together, we clean the drama. From there, you’ll start to experience something very different. It will feel like relief.

The magic starts to happen when a comfort and ease is experienced in your body through our conversation. You will have a visceral experience of your inherent truth, and it will feel like freedom.

I always recommend scheduling your session when you have some free time afterwards to process the experience.

Any questions you have about the details of how this works, feel free to send me a WhatsApp message before you purchase.

Tommy Ellis  +353 087 666 0625

The Next Logical Step

If you’d like to know more about working with me, or if you’d like to connect before scheduling a session, please fill out the contact form below & we can set up a complimentary 10 minute Zoom Session or Whats App call.

Tommy Ellis  +353 087 666 0625

“I found Velvet Voice on IG and was drawn to book The Initiate 1-1 Session which was quick and easy to do. There is something very special about Tommy — his clairaudient skills are off the chart!  

“I found myself nodding in agreement to everything he said, as he recognised and read my unique sound energy system and blueprint. I finally feel inspired, uplifted and accepted for my worth. I know what I have come here to be. He made it look so easy. I can’t wait to book in again for the next level “Mystic’. 

If you are considering knowing more about yourself on a deeper level, then Tommy is ya man!!”

Sweeter Things

I’ve been clairaudient as long as I can remember — hearing what was unsaid, hearing more than was said, knowing through hearing what is deemed inaudible. As a child I could tell, through the sound of my mother’s footsteps, what was coming down the road. As an adult, I worked as a sound editor in TV and film for decades, all while seeking to clear my own system of stuck energy patterns. And I tried everything. 

In practicing this for myself, I’ve found freedom I never knew existed. Every day it gets a little lighter. I am in the most fun, loving relationship ever. Rachelle and I have been all over the world together, and the growing, learning and connection we have is a beautiful experience. Being in the world is a lot easier than it’s ever been, and my spiritual explorations are deepening all the time. 

A lot of my day is orientated around meditation. Meditation has become a very important part of of daily living. It’s what quells the storm. It has helped with literally every aspect of my life.

I am very passionate about working with clients in a way that is meaningful & effective. The Claire-Audient skill is a magical way to hear the true energy of a person. And it’s even more magical when they hear it themselves.

I did not believe life could feel this good, and it’s my mission for others to feel the same.


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